The 7 Steps Facebook Advertising Game Plan That Works Today – The Beginner’s Guide

The 7 Steps Facebook Advertising Game Plan That Works Today

How to Create Your First Profitable and ROI positive Campaign on Facebook

Roadmap to your first Campaigns

  1. Set Goals. Write down specifically the outcome you want by using FB Ads? Plan it out and make a commitment to achieving it. It’s highly likely that you need some experiments before getting ROI positive results.

  2. Choose Campaign Type. We use these 2 types: Send people to your website & Increase Conversion.

  3. Install Conversion Pixels and Retargeting Pixels to your sites. The easiest way to do it is using Leadpages or outsource and delegate this task.

  4. Audience and Targeting. Choose the Audience you want to target. There are 5 types of different audiences. Those who already know you: your FB likes, Custom Audience, Retargeting those who already visited your site. There are Unknown audiences like Lookalike audience and other saved Target Markets.Especially pay attention to Behaviour. Take advantage by using the Credit Card and Purchasing related behaviours.

  5. Set Budgeting and Scheduling. Choose when do you want to start and how long do you want to run your campaigns.

  6. Create your Ad. Choose Images, Create compelling ad copy, insert links, and choose Call-to-action from the options. We recommend Canva to create high-quality ads effectively.

  7. Report, Optimize, Profit and Repeat. Choose the metrics you want to see and create your Reports. Cut those campaigns and ads that bleed money. Optimize those which are doing okay. Maximize those that are doing well.

Make your Campaigns Profitable and Effective:

  1. Use the Power Editor to take full control over your ads.

  2. Use tools to create, clone and optimize ads effectively. Use Canva to create ads. Try Adespresso and Qwaya to clone campaigns and test effectively. Use Leadpages to create landing pages easily.

  3. Use Retargeting to maximize the profit from those who already visited your site.

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