Copywriting Crash Course – The 12 Essential Steps to Double Your Conversions

“Get Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got”

The authentic way of selling the crap out of high-quality products and services without being sleazy

What’s in this guide

In Copywriting Crash Course, you’ll get everything you need to create your first sales page or transform your existing sales page to a high-converting one.

I divided this course based on the essential components you absolutely need to include into a sales page, sales letter or sales video.

We’ll follow the structure which is tested and prove to work over and over again.

I’m sure you’ve seen these sales messages, and you might even think it’s boring and overused. But it still works. And you can create it without using “hype”.

If you miss any of these essential components — don’t procrastinate. Do what you can now and improve later. It’s going to work even if you leave out few components.

If you find your sales message is not converting and not bringing the results you want, change these components first.

We’ll go through all the essential components one-by-one, with the same structure.

The structure of each chapter:

  1. Purpose
  2. Formula
  3. Rules
  4. Example
  5. Conversion Hacks

First, we’ll see what that component is and what it does for you, why you want to use it. Then we’ll go through easy-to-use formulas which you can use instantly.

Then we go over Rules. These are the values which are timeless, and every authentic salesperson should follow. It makes your messaging authentic and honest therefore it helps you to sell more.

Then I show you some examples which generate outstanding results. In advertising and copywriting copy the other’s tested methods are absolutely a must — especially if they’re in a different market, selling a different product.

Finally, I give you some Conversion Hacking ideas. If you created your sales page, there are few improvements which might result in enormous growth in terms of conversion rates. I could write a zillion tricks here, but I only give you a few essential ideas to test and play with.

You’ll have an instantly actionable plan, not just theory.

This course is not complete and not full in any sense. But it’s immediately actionable, and it has all the essentials you need to create high-converting sales pages, opt-in pages or squeeze pages.

How will this eBook transform your business?

I’m not native English. Still, I can help others sell more with advanced copywriting methods. It held me back for long. “People will judge me” — I thought. But later I realized: “if I can do it, you can do it too!”. Converting more is really based on the psychological triggers.

I was always feeling so sorry to see so many talented authors and entrepreneurs start out and then fail very early. I had the same experience myself.

The really sad part is that you do more than 90% of the hard work. But if you leave out some of the essential components you leave the 90% of the money on the table.

Most experts don’t have control over their sales process. Instead, their sales are still based on hope and luck. Copywriting and list building gives you control.

It’s not about you and especially not about your product.Your aim is to find what your customer wants and willing to pay for. It requires lots of empathy and tests.

I wish this product will transform your life as much as copywriting changed mine. I want you to take your conversions to the next level and take control of your business. If you stuck of have any questions, just email me. Think of selling as a continuous test. It’ll be lot more fun. Enjoy the process!

Zoltan Gero

Sell Transformation Only

20% of your efforts will bring the 80% of your desired results. In business, this 20% is marketing and product innovation.

In marketing, it’s still valid that the 20% of your efforts will bring the 80% of your desired results. This 20% is Traffic, List Building and Copywriting. This eBook is dedicated to guiding you through the20% of this 20%.

Time is your most valuable and most scarce resource so make sure you invest in where it really makes a difference. But before we start, let me be honest and transparent.

Copywriting is not magic. Copywriting is required to sell more. But you can only sell effectively (and authentically) if you have a great offer.

Let’s start with a mindset shift which totally transformed how I look everything in life, especially selling and marketing things. This is the core essence of Jay Abraham’s famous Strategy of Preeminence.

“If you’re absolutely sure that your solution is the best solution for your prospect and if he or she would have all the necessary information, your product is the best choice in his or her situation then you have the moral obligation to make the sale — as many times and for as much money and as frequently as it required to improve his or her life.”

In other words, it’s your obligation to make sure that your product is a real life-changer, and it’ll bring huge transformation in your client’s life.

If you have a great offer and you really make a difference – it’s your moral obligation to make the sale. You cannot sell from your hills.

Use Headlines to Grab & Keep Attention


The very first sale you need to make is the time investment which visitors spend on your sales page. It gives you a longer time to build connection and make your offer.

You don’t need to close the sale with your headline. That’s a common misconception.

The main purpose of a headline is to make your visitors curious enough to invest more time.Don’t reveal a price or your offer in your headline.


For blog posts, problem-specific headlines work great. But for sales messaging use main aspirations and address the end result your customers want.

Either eliminating objections or addressing shocking guarantee works. Build curiosity, not interest. Interest requires commitment. The

purchasing decision has certain psychological phases.

First just build curiosity to get your prospects attention — which is the scarcest resource in marketing. Surprise or fun builds curiosity.


Use this formula: Specific outcome or aspiration your customers want + Specific Timeframe + Eliminate Objections

Alternatively: Eliminate an Urgent and Painful Problem + Specific Timeframe + Anything funny or surprising


“Build, Publish & A/B Test Landing Pages Without I.T.”

Conversion Hacks

Use specifics because it’s easier to believe and avoid being too vague.60 minutes works better than 1 hour; 4 weeks works better than 1 month.

Identify Their Problem


The 3 main components of sales are trust, authority, and likability. Brian Tracy talks about the friendship factor in sales.

Explaining their problems gives them a chance to connect with your message because they feel you understand them, so you can earn their trust, and they can feel your empathy.

It sets up the scene for a solution which is your product or service. Additionally, it forces you to create products which are solutions for real

problems of real people.


Authenticity trumps persuasion.

Address real problems with an urgent need of resolution.

Use your client’s words. Intervieyourre clients if needed.

Everyone has this conscious narrative inside his or her head which justifies purchasing decisions. If you tap into the right nerve, you let your clients rationalize their purchasing.

Story-telling with a Superhero is the best vehicle of your message, especially if your audience can connect with your Hero.


Check out Jeff Walker’s Launch book. He’s the Grand-master of story-based launches. His story is humble and amazing: he started as a stay-at-home- dad and built a multimillionaire business online.

Check out his book: Launch Book Formula

The most efficient way is to use your personal, authentic story as a vehicle, using vivid pictures and metaphors, specifics and details.

I’ve been there + The struggle: add vivid emotions and specifics in your personal story + Finally: the breakthrough, the solution + and now I built a product from it

Conversion Hacks

Find early evangelists and ask their review and testimonial in return for special bonuses. Offer free consultation for the interview opportunity.

If you realize at this point that your product is not solving a real painful and urgent problem you can still change.

This is the perfect check-in point before you release a product no one needs. This is the main reason I recommend creating the sales materials first and only then the product itself.

Present Solution & Offer


It serves 2 main objective. It gives a clear vision on what your solution provides to your clients and it, how it will transform their life.

Also, it gives clarity on what you will not give them.It fills the gap between the current situation of your prospect and in their desired outcome. Persuade them and build the desire to buy your product.

It helps you to filter out those whom you don’t want to sell so you haveless refund, more satisfied customers, and more return buyers.

It helps you to focus on what really matters.Focus your offer on the transformation and benefits of your solution and not the features of your product.


Always focus on the end result or the outcome or the main benefit. Never focus on feature. Never compete in price.

Talk about the transformation, what will be the difference? Draw a vivid, colorful picture of the outcome.

This is how you can create it easily:

List at least 20 benefits of your solution. Choose the 1 which is the most compelling.


Asana: “Teamwork without email””Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere”


“This Product helps you do X”

“Say Goodbye to (pain or frustration) and Hello to (benefit)”

Conversion Hacks

Qualify your prospects honestly. Say who’s this product is not for. Use your client’s words as much as you can. Your sales depend more on

your offer and the benefits than pricing.

Create a premium option for higher price and make sure it’s outstanding offer.

Build Credibility & Rapport


Credibility builds authority and trust. The primary aim with credibility is to skip the anti-scam filter in your prospects head so they can invest more time on your site.

It has the same purpose as the headlines: to pass that initial few seconds while a visitor decides whether she spend a few more seconds on your site or leave immediately. The aim is to gain trust and authority, not to sell immediately.

Principle and Rules

Use your best clients and referrals or affiliate partners. Alternatively use famous people as authorities if they have a quote on the same topic, scientist, artists or politicians with their image. Be short, to-the-point.

Keep it authentic because authenticity is more important than authority. You’ll build authority sooner or later.


“We have designed pages for more top-500 websites than any other company.” This is the first line of http://www.conversion-rate-, and you see it along with logos from Facebook, Apple, Google, Sony, Amazon.


The most effective way is to list all authorities as with their logos. If you don’t have any, quote an authority in your field.

Conversion Hacks

If you don’t have anything in your hands, you can leave it out. You can be humble but never sell from the hills, never underestimate your value.

If you don’t have any credibility yet, try to become an affiliate partner with a high-status partner in your market.

Find indirect competition — someone who sells products in your market but not direct competition.

If you sell a video course on how to create videos, find video hosting or video marketing companies.

If you sell an eBook on a programming language, thenuse the authorities which use your framework.

You don’t need to lie ‘Google using my eBook to use Ember.JS’. You can simply say that Google uses the same technology what you use.Fair enough.

Benefits sell — Features don’t


There are few key distinctions in Apple’s messages comparing to its competitors. One of it is the clear distinction between benefits and features.

“iPod – 1000 songs in your pocket.”

Other products say megabytes and pixel sizes and whatnot.1 GB storage is a feature. 1000 songs in your pocket is a benefit.

The feature is what your product has.The benefit is what your product gives to clients.Benefits are what your clients want. Features are what your product do. Benefits are important for your clients. Features are not.Benefits sell. Features don’t.


Everyone buys from emotional reasons. Later we rationalize it, and we think we do it for logical reasons. That’s why you need to reveal your benefits.

Benefits help your best customers to convince themselves to purchase. Most of the times if you ask people “why did you buy that?” people say only 1 or 2 things. Figure out what are these benefits of your product by asking your best clients why they made a purchasing decision. Therefore ask yourself not just what your customer wants – but whom they try to impress?


“iPod – 1000 songs in your pocket.” “Kindle – Never be without a book.”


If you list all the features of your product, ask for every feature: “Than what? Okay, and then what?” – repeat it at least 7 times. Connect the dots and don’t make your client’s think.

Conversion Hacks

You’ll find a list of the 15 most common benefits as a Bonus chapter. I found this is the most common marketing mistake so I wanted to make sure you get over it.

The best conversion hack is to create your benefits first, even before you create your offer or product. It will save you long hours as it saved for me and my clients.

Use Powerful Social Proof


Would you jump from the cliff if your friends do it? The answer is: “yes, you would.” Even if we don’t admit it.

Show that people are using your product it’s beneficial for them.

Make your prospects imagine the outcome, the results and benefits your product gives to their life.

Social Proof gives you trust and easier to say an initial ‘yes’ to your offer. The main message is: ‘I’m not alone, and I’m not a mad person if I sign up, other did it too.”


Social proof never can be overdone. Do it in a huge dose. If you have followers, show it. If you have a big list, show it.

Don’t fake it until you make it. The BS radar of prospects got a lot stronger and it not just inauthentic but people will sense it so it won’t work.


“Millions of people using Basecamp”

“Just last week 4,681 companies signed up for Basecamp.” Aweber shows you the last 4 people who signed up.


X people already using my solution. Y followers, likes or subscribers.

Conversion Hacks

Build in coaching or consulting calls along with your product so you get real feedback on what they found valuable and what you can improve.

Pricing & Justification


Price justification gives you the opportunity to justify your price and eliminate objections about the costs.

Create a no-brainer offer. Make the purchasing decision obvious. Rules

Always compare to value, never the features.Always tie the price to the value, the opportunity, the opportunity cost of not having it and the value-creation. Never tie it with your production costs or competition or market price.

Compare it with real physical products, for example, less than a coffee per day.

First, compare it with the value they get. Then compare it with the loss they are already having by not having your solution. Finally, walk them through the pain or creating and testing it themselves.


“Money an issue? For only $2.30/ day, you can invest in yourself and have access forever. This is a fraction of other courses which can cost up to $3.000. You can’t afford to cheat yourself the lifestyle you want NOW.” – Appsumo How to make your first dollar


I spent X years studying and researching, I spent X to research and test, I failed painfully X times — and you can save all these hassles and study it in only X time

If you’d create it yourself it would cost you X and time and efforts and hassle

The results it’ll give you will worth X

If you’d hire me one-on-one it would cost you X

Not having my product already makes you X amount of loss each and every day

It’s only 1 coffee per day or 1 pizza per week

Conversion Hacks

The more specific you are, the better.Exactly how much time you invested?Exactly how much they lose by not having your solution per day, per week, per month, per year, per lifetime?Do the math for me! Don’t expect your prospects convince themselves for you.

“If your hourly rate it $X now you’ll save 3 hours per week, so it’s 52*3*X only for the upcoming year”

Guarantee & Risk-Reversal


The biggest obstacle between you and your customer is risk. Give guarantee to take away the risk from your customer. It creates trust and transparency.

The guarantee is almost as important as asking for the sale. A good guarantee doubles or triples your conversions.

Guarantee forces you to be extremely transparent otherwise if you sell crap or you under-deliver, you’ll immediately see it in refund-rate.


Refund rates based on industry average might be between 1% to 5%. The growth might be 200%+ or 300%+ easily. Do the math.

Tie strictly your guarantee to the end result.

Give longer guarantee than your program is. If you sell a 2-week video course, give a 30-day money-back guarantee.


“Anytime money back guarantee, before you die”

My all-time favourite! This world-famous headline helped Appsumo to build a list of over 500K Subscribers. #awesome

“7-day mandatory money-back” – VideoFruit #excellent


“If you don’t … in … I’ll refund your money”

If you don’t absolutely love my product, just send me an email and we’ll refund you every penny, no question asked.

Conversion Hacks

Be bold, end-result-oriented, time-framed and personal.

If you don’t offer guarantee yet, try it with a small group of an early evangelist. Sell your next product for the first 100 clients only and check how the guarantee works.

With humor, you can take the edge of the sale, and it becomes and easier decision.

Scarcity: Make them act – NOW


Ask a salesman how many people get back to them when their prospects say: “I will think it over.”.

Most of the times, we don’t really like to make decisions if it’s not really necessarily. Scarcity gives this necessary component. You don’t just want your prospects to buy. You want them to buy now.

I know most authors don’t really like scarcity because it’s a bit pushy. Let me show you how to use scarcity without being sleazy.


Only use scarcity if you feel it authentic.

Never fake scarcity. Always live up to your promise otherwise you cheat your clients and you lose trust.

Closing a launching period earlier is okay. Closing it later is not okay.

If you use launch period then make sure you leave your cart open for enough long time to let your message reach your audience.In other words, don’t close your launch in 1 day. Leave it for a couple of days, 3-7 days at least. But don’t leave it open for too long because then it loses its edge.


Groupon and LivingSocial use scarcity in every offer. Every coupon or daily deal company built on top of scarcity.


The 2 main types of scarcities which you can inject:

1. Time-based scarcity:the product goes out from the market, or the price goes up on this exact date. Yes, that’s a bit pushy.

2. Quantity-based bonuses.Free consultation, implementation, trial or event but only for the first X buyers. That’s less pushy.

Conversion Hacks

The primary reasons why daily deals like Groupon become successful were the coupon-style scarcity when you offer a product for a lower price for a limited time.

I don’t recommend it. Yes, I was working for one of the biggest daily deal, and I don’t recommend this technique which I used millions of times.

Cutting the price creates undervalue perception. Instead of lowering the price, use lower price when you launch and later push up the price.

I never recommend cutting the price. Increasing the value you offer is a lot better way. Positioning matters more on the long-run than few sales.

Clear Call-To-Action


Your Call To Action (CTA for short) asks your prospect to take action: purchase your product, sign up to your list, share your content.

Without a clear Call To Action you don’t ask for the sale, your sales page is not a sales page. Your opt-in page is not an opt-in page.


This makes or breaks your sales. Keep in a simple and short. Don’t make any trick or don’t outsmart your customers.

Never be apologetic when you’re asking for the sale. Never sell from the hills.

Call to action buttons has to stand out. Preferably choose any best practice if you can and start testing and improving it.

All the details of the call-to-action buttons matter.


Aweber: “First month free. Then only $19 monthly!” BaseCamp: “Use Basecamp free for 2 months – it’s on us.”


“Add to Cart” or “Start your free trial” or “Sign up in less than 30 seconds” works.

Conversion Hacks

Conversion is your primary measurement and the base number of all your other measurements.

Conversion Rate shows the ratio so how many % purchased from all visitors. Therefore the most important “hack” you need to put in place as soon as possible: start measuring your conversions if you don’t do it yet. There are 3 essentials hacks you really need to know.

Repetition is effective, especially online. Asking for a sale once on a sales page is not enough. Ask 2 or 3 times.

The closer you put guarantee and testimonials to the call-to-action the greater their effect.

Make your Call-to-action as obvious and easy-to-understand as possible.

Bulletproof Testimonials


Testimonials build trust and connection with your audience. The main purpose of a testimonial to make your prospect envision the feeling of having your product already. It helps them to imagine they’re already bought and using it. Besides your offer and guarantee, the testimonial is the most crucial component of your sales page.


You can never overuse testimonials, include it on every sales page or every sales message you have.

Pay attention to density. Spread out Testimonials over your sales page. If they are packed together, many people just skip it, saying it’s marketing hack.

Get testimonials from authorities and use their position so their opinion has higher value.

Put it especially just below the sign-up or register button, close to the call to action and tie it with the specific end-result.

Examples results/#clienttestimonials

This rocks! They created a long video of high-quality clients talking about results and excitement.


Use these 4 components to craft testimonials:

SpecificdetailedendresultSpecificperiodoftimeIncrediblefeelingandhowtheyenthusiasticallyLOVEworkingwithyouTheperson’snameandpositionoranycredentialsConversion Hack

Use testimonials in emails. For new leads if they haven’t purchased your product, send an email with a testimonial and a registration.

Many authorities have been tested, and it seems that the enthusiastic feeling is the most crucial component of a testimonial, especially on video.

FAQ: Handle objections in advance


FAQ handles objections and distrust. FAQ let the right prospect qualify themselves and filter out the rest which you don’t want to sell.


Address real objections. If your product don’t do something, say it.

Risky questions and answers like “why should I choose you over your competition” or “how the money back works” or “why should I trust it works” are excellent.

Try even offensive ones: “if you’re so good at selling on Udemy, how come you don’t create more and more courses and sharing your info?”

“Is this price really worth it?” In eCommerce use abundant cart to gather information. If you’re an

author or expert, use your first email autoresponder.If someone doesn’t buy from you by the end of your first email series,

simply send an autoresponder, asking why?

If someone leaves your cart, send a registration link with a testimonial and ask why he or she didn’t purchase?

You’ll be shocked on how many replies and valuable FAQ material you got.


Ramit Sethi’s Zero To Launch “Is this just for 20 somethings?” or “How this is different from other courses on the market?


Try this for abundant carts as email autoresponder:

“simply hit reply and tell me why you didn’t buy?”

Conversion Hacks

A/B tests shows that if you format it in a way that people need to click and open your FAQ points, then it works better. They need to click and interact, get engaged, so it has a higher chance that they so further actions.

Check Amazon book reviews in your market. You’ll find lots of good ideas. Real people with real reviews. It shows what matters, what questions they had what they loved and didn’t like.

The 15 Most Common Benefits

“Why should I buy from you?”

Answer this one question you have a high-converting sales page or opt-in page:

“Why should I buy from you?”Answer this 1 question you have a massively-high-converting sales page: “Why should I buy from you when the competition is only 1 click away?” Let me help you answer this question.

I’ve listed the 15 most common benefits below. Think of these as the main reasons why people buy anything. These are the reasons what we use to justify our purchasing decisions.

Read them through and create a list of at least 10 benefits of why would someone buy your product?

Then chose 1-2-3 main ones and focus on them. Ask yourself the question:

“How you can deepen these main benefits?”

This is your way to improving your offer.

Finally, choose the strongest and a unique one. This is the main thing which differentiates you from the rest of the market. Build your offer around that one benefit.

Here is the list of the 15 most common benefits:

1. Make More Money

2. Save Time

3. Avert Disaster

4. Lower Risk

5. Risk Reversal, Guarantee, Give them an out

6. Achieving Long-term Vision

7. Looking Good, mostly in those eyes whom they want to impress

8. Initiative, Proactive

9. Understanding or Improving yourself or your business

10. Accessibility

11. Accountability

12. Clarity

13. Reliability and Trustworthiness

14. Better Organization

15. Reputation and Credentials

Let’s Get Results

Now let’s implement what you learned and get some results

That’s the end of our Copywriting Crash Course.Now it’s your turn to put this knowledge into practice.

Don’t be a perfectionist. If you miss any component, just go on, start and you can improve later.

What’s not in this course

I wanted to build sooo much more into this course. But I chose to go on the Lean way.

First I just created this essential mini-course. I committed to helping my first subscribers as much as I can. I’ll include additional components based on the feedback I get.

I’m thankful for you because you trusted me and invested in my course.

I’m glad because I know that you can transform your sales pages, get more opt-ins, get higher conversions and you get the results you want — so I really make a difference.

Let me help you too. Send me an email, feedback me on this course so I’ll know how I can serve you better.

How to Get the Most out of Copywriting Crash Course

If you don’t have a product yet, I recommend building the sales page first so you’ll have laserfocus on what kind of product you want to create. It gives you the opportunity to pre-sale your products and test in the real market.

There are 3 steps you need to execute now:

  1. Create a draft copy of your sales page or opt-in page
  2. Publish or improve your sales page if it’s not out there yet
  3. Send me the link to your page so I can give you recommendations on how to improve.

If you do have a product and a sales page than improving your sales page is your top priority.

Remember: build your sales page first, even before you have your exact product. It’ll help you to focus your efforts to build a great offer first – before you invest time and money and energy to build an actual product. Make sense?

Shoot me an email or comment below, tell me how you liked this crash course?

Zoltan Gero

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