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If you'd like to get more leads and automate your marketing, these videos and tools can truly transform your life.

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From The Advanced Marketing Automation Course You Will Learn

  • Automatically Segment Your List and Identify (and Sell To) Your Best Buyers
  • How To Use Webinars to Sell Your Services and Make More People To Show Up and Buy From You
  • How to Triple or Quadruple Your Leads if You're in B2B Sales
  • Become an E-Resident and start a Location-Independent Business Wherever You Live

Here Are The Services and Tools You Can Win

DRIP is the best solution for Behaviour-Driven Marketing, no doubt. With Drip you get advanced marketing automation without the technical hassle. It gives you the opportunity to communicate with your audience in a personalised way so they only get the messages that they’re interested in - which means more engagement, higher clicks and opens, less unsubscriptions - and more automated sales for you on the long-run.

The smart new way to start and run your micro business. No hassle.

LEAPIN is the best-ever service on the Planet for Digital Nomads. Create a fully functional Digital Company in E-Estonia, without the hassle of finance and law, even without travelling to Estonia. How awesome is that? I'm a super-proud E-Resident of E-Estonia (one of the first 15000 on Earth!) and LeapIn helped me getting started. I'm thankful for this opportunity so I decided to give away few LeapIN accounts to help you becoming free E-Resident.

ImpactHub Coworking Place Network

IMPACT HUB is the shortest and most effective way to get connected with great people, Marketers and other geeks, Small Business Owners and Digital Nomads. Impact Hub is a vibrant and opened community in more then 86 Hubs across the globe and more then 15.000 members world-wide. The most joyful place I found to get in touch with interesting people with similar values and great vibe. You must visit there if you're a Small Business Owner.

Webinar Demio Logo

DEMIO FOR WEBINARS What if you decide that you want to get new leads and new sales this very week? What do you do? Exactly, webinars! Webinar is the shortest marketing and sales cycle on the planet. Webinar is the future of marketing. Make real-time connection with your audience. Demio is perfect if you're just getting started with Webinars, their on-boarding call with David is excellent. Start selling to new leads in days instead of weeks or months.

Triple Your Leads

LEADBERRY - What do you do with those visitors on your site who didn't sign up for your email list? Imagine having a dashboard with all the companies who visited your site with their contact info and social profiles in it. Leadberry gives you just that. it gives you hot leads from your Google Analytics. It means you don't have to spend hours and hours hunting for leads and contact info. Just install Leadberry and it delivers them for you automatically. Don't leave all those free B2B leads on the table!

Automatic Reachout Cold Emails B2B Sales

WOODPECKER But wait a sec… what do you do when you got a hot lead? This is where Woodpecker is handy. You can easily and automatically send short emails asking for their permission to follow-up. Excellent way to start selling for new leads.

Is E-Resindency ... Real?

For some people E-Resindency seems unreal. I can ensure you that it is 100% valid and real.  You can create a real limited company with real EU VAT number. The Estonian Government stands behind it. We already have more then 20.000 E-Residents around the world. How great is that?

Are Cold Emails ... SPAM?

I heard many times that cold emails are spam, right?

No. If you do it right, if you ask persmission beforehand - cold email is the most common way of doing B2B sales.

Decision-makers expect you to approach. They are busy. They will not opt-in to your list. Learn how to do it right. This is the most proactive ways of doing sales and business. Don't limit yourself to those who opts-in to your list.

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Additionally, you get my guide on How to Become an E-Resident as a PDF.

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You get my guide on How To Become an E-Resident and Start a Location-Independent Business.

You to Triple or Quadruple Leads if you're selling for Businesses.

You get a chance to win the best marketing and sales tools and the most awesome services and coworking place on the planet: Drip, Leadberry, Woodpecker, Demio, LeapIN, Impact Hub.

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